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Fall Lawn Care Checklist

Not only is Autumn one of the most beautiful seasons, it is also the ideal time to prepare your garden for the colder months ahead. It is important to clean up debris and replenish lost nutrients to your plants, and preparation for next year can begin now. Follow these great tips to get your garden [...]

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The Gardener’s How-To: Pruning a Rhododendron

There seems to be nothing more intimidating to the home gardener than the task of pruning a plant; especially a favorite flowering plant – such as the rhododendron. Left to their own devices, rhododendrons can achieve heights of 15-20 feet. Hardly the choice in front of the living room picture window. However, by choosing the [...]

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We Plant… You Enjoy!

I still occasionally have friends and customers who come to Cerny’s and say they don’t have time to garden, but want the beauty of flowers and colorful foliage on their decks, patio, and porches. They’re so excited when I tell them, “We will do it for you!” With easy care instructions you can have the [...]

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Back by Popular Demand

Thriller, Filler, Spiller watering cans are back—try saying that three times fast! The eye-catching, colorful display made a huge impact on our customers last spring. Many of you were begging for more and we could not fill the brilliant display fast enough. Not only did they make a perfect Mother’s Day gift, but many of [...]

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Location, Location, Location

Summer in Florida—summer in Wisconsin. We’d all agree there’s quite a difference. The plant tag says “full sun,” yet the same plant grown in July in Florida or in Northern Wisconsin, will yield dramatically different results. There’s so much vague information out there about gardening, and as valuable as plant labels are, I’ve never liked [...]

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