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Fall Lawn Care Checklist

Not only is Autumn one of the most beautiful seasons, it is also the ideal time to prepare your garden for the colder months ahead. It is important to clean up debris and replenish lost nutrients to your plants, and preparation for next year can begin now. Follow these great tips to get your garden [...]

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Color Your World

It can whisper quietly in the background, softly playing on our moods and emotions, or it can shout out loudly, demanding our attention. Color’s power to move us is unmistakable. The brilliant pinks and tangerines of a summer sunset, or the shimmering blues and silvers of a wintry landscape, can stop us in our tracks, [...]

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The Gardener’s How-To: Pruning a Rhododendron

There seems to be nothing more intimidating to the home gardener than the task of pruning a plant; especially a favorite flowering plant – such as the rhododendron. Left to their own devices, rhododendrons can achieve heights of 15-20 feet. Hardly the choice in front of the living room picture window. However, by choosing the [...]

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