You walk into Cerny’s in the spring and take in a dazzling array of flowers and greenery. How did it get there? Is this the only greenhouse? When is your next plant shipment coming? We hear questions like these and also hear a lot of versions of what people think we do. We thought we’d share some of the facts and figures of what really goes on at the greenhouse.

Nuts and Bolts- Cerny’s Greenhouse encompasses approx. 43,000 sq. ft. of indoor greenhouse space and several thousand square feet of outdoor growing area. We use over 10,000 cu. ft. of specialized growing mix from Canada per spring season. That’s about 400 cu. yds. or 40 large dump trucks of growing mix. We utilize three wells for our irrigation needs and employ the most modern techniques for water conservation including recycling, reusing and low flow emitters.

“We Grow our Own”-What does that mean? From seed to sale is not done in our industry    anymore because of plant patents. A few things are still started by us from seed, but the majority of growers buy seedlings and cuttings from specialized breeders. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to sell things like Wave petunias, Dragon Wing begonias or Million Bells. We are growing your plant through the entire process from a mere baby to a mature beauty ready to enhance your   garden.

Wholesale- Just about half of our yearly production is sold wholesale to customers as far south as the Madison area to as far north as the U.P.

The Plants- Rounded figures of what we grow yearly are as follows: 8,000 hanging baskets (with an avg. of four plants per pot = 32,000 plants); 7,000 flats of bedding plants (with 32 per flat = 224,000 plants); 91,000 – 4.5” pots of assorted annuals; 23,000 – 3.5” assorted vines and vegetables. Those are some of the bigger numbers, but if you add all the miscellaneous sizes we grow, that would be a huge number as well. We figure that a close estimate of what we grow yearly is a half million plants!

Embellishments- Those are the facts. What follows are our hopes and dreams at Cerny’s.

25,400 lbs. of  harvested, delicious homegrown tomatoes…63,750 meals savored with healthy vegetables from your gardens…14,500 epiphanies when a gardener stood in awe of what they created… 8,375 kids who caught the gardening bug and put down the iPod…242,000 dirty    fingernails and one million smiles!

~ Bill Cerny