We Plant… You Enjoy!

I still occasionally have friends and customers who come to Cerny’s and say they don’t have time to garden, but want the beauty of flowers and colorful foliage on their decks, patio, and porches. They’re so excited when I tell them, “We will do it for you!” With easy care instructions you can have the [...]

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The Newbies!

We thought that it would be interesting to get a perspective of new employees entering this mysterious world of greenhouse production. We find that new employees are very often unaware of what actually happens here on a day to day basis. Here are some interesting insights from three ‘newbies’… Kaylyn Olson ~ Going into my [...]

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Throwback Thursday

Don’t cut up your old Cerny’s t-shirts for rags just yet! Instead of introducing a new t-shirt this year, we have decided to re-ward our customers by letting them wear any of the three t-shirts from the past, for discounts this spring. Enjoy 10% off your entire purchase (including soil, plants, containers, tools, etc.) in [...]

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Attention Bloomin’ Rewards Card Members:

We have made a major change to our rewards program that we are very excited about! The main focus of the change is that ‘spending rewards’ will now start benefiting everyone with the implementation of a ‘bonus buck’ program. Stop in for details…

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Coming to a City Near You.

Many years ago we worked with the city of Tomahawk and the Tomahawk Chamber of Commerce to develop a plan for city baskets for the downtown area. Now, hundreds of waterings later, we at Cerny’s, and the community as a whole, look with pride at the results. They are a valuable addition to the downtown [...]

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