Thriller, Filler, Spiller watering cans are back—try saying that three times fast! The eye-catching, colorful display made a huge impact on our customers last spring. Many of you were begging for more and we could not fill the brilliant display fast enough. Not only did they make a perfect Mother’s Day gift, but many of you purchased them for yourselves.

Why thriller, filler, and spiller? It’s a simple tip, yet a very effective way to create a lasting impact with only three ingredients, and can be used in many containers, large or small.

1. Thriller ~ The “main star” is big, bold, and attention-grabbing. Great choices for thrill-ers include cannas, purple fountain grass, spikes, elephant ears, and ornamental grasses just to name a few. For a shady container, try using hostas, ferns or heucheras.

2. Filler ~ Plants that take up space around the thriller, they add a nice textural or color contrast to the thriller without being distracting. Filler plants are available in all different color choices and foliar interest. Flowering plants such as marigolds, impatiens, wax be-gonias, osteospermums, and geraniums definitely add to a containers beauty. Don’t forget about non-flowering filler plants such as fiber optic grass, coleus, purple thread leaf, dusty miller, and gryphon begonia to add depth to your planting.

3. Spiller ~ Not surprisingly, spillers flow over the sides of the container and complement the thriller with contrast. Common choices for the spiller category include goldie vine, sweet potato vine, vincas, torenia, bacopa, and trailing million bells.
Containers of any kind do not need to be complicated to stand out, just as the simple wa-tering can display did last spring. Give it a try!

~ Diane Kahle